3 Things you Did not Know Affect your Hair Growth and Skin Glow

things you did not know about hair growth

When we are much younger – we don’t care much about our hair and skin – because it is already perfect – even if we didn’t think it at the time, despite the acne coming in once in awhile, it still was perfect – but as we grow older, and experience new things, mistakes happen with our lifestyles and diet and environment – this affects our skin and hair.

There is a theory that we can keep our looks even in old age – and I feel this is becoming a reality as time goes on – as we learn more about our nutritional requirements, as well as why the skin and hair age.

Below are three things you did not know affect your beauty as a women, and even a man – in terms of hair growth as well as that youthful glow on your whole body:

1. Hormones: This is such a big factor, but many don’t realize it’s importance, and when they do, they don’t know what to do to improve and increase their good hormones or balance them – 80% of the people walking on earth in the modern world who have enough food and shelter, have a hormone problem – so this applies to those 80%. Hormone imbalance is so common nowadays that it has become a social norm to be “moody” – what we call moody could be a sign of a hormone problem in most cases – and this is not something you should really ignore.

How do I fix a hormone imbalance?

If you feel you have a hormone problem, or you just want to strengthen your hormones – you should go on the protein diet for 2 weeks – thanks to Humancure for posting this very life saving post on this diet, of which very little was known about online, and still is.

This is the most powerful diet you will ever know about, and it is the most age reversing diet you can be on – sorry vegans, and vegetarians, no offence – this has been tried and tested to restore hormone power for both, men and women – in powerful ways.

Make sure you read the article linked to above properly if you want to do this step.

2. Your shampoo is damaging your hair

Yes you may have heard this before, but not in the way we are about to explain – many shampoos contain fragrance – either trying to look natural by adding essential oils, or by trying to just be full on smelling good using chemicals – BOTH are equally bad and damaging to the hair – essential oils are a neurotoxin – this is why you cannot even directly sniff on it, or if you apply directly to the skin, it WILL BURN THE SKIN – so applying at a dilution rate just burns this slower – and damages hair follicles – and so does other fragrances.

There have been people who simply used baby shampoo – and seen recover of lost hair – this is how powerfully damaging fragrances are.

3. You are having too much sex

This applies to men and women – if you have a lot of sex (with others or yourself hehe) – you are bound to drain too much of essential body fluids (as they are called in eastern medicine) – whilst when you google “does sex cause hair loss” there is a lot of convincing forum threads which talk about it one way or the other – don’t listen – see what works for you – don’t have sex for a month – this means any kind of sexual ejaculation.

This not only will enhance your hair growth as a man and women – it will restore skin youth that you did not realize you still had – you will also feel stronger – why do you think boxers are known to not release sexually two weeks before an important tournament? This is the reason – but it’s not widely accepted, as people really rather have sex – but it’s your choice – I personally think, one should try something (as long as it doesn’t harm them) to see if it works – rather than googling the hell out of it, and seeing what others think and what science says  – as there may not be convincing evidence, nor is online information reliable, as you never know what purpose each study was released for (sometimes they are bias and for commercial intent to support a certain product).

If you found this article helpful – please share this on social media with your friends and family – as this can help change someone’s life – we don’t really sell anything here so you won’t be supporting any other cause other than creating awareness of problems people can face with health (as the diet mentioned above can really increase nutritional absorption, and possibly extend someone’s life).

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